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The Relentless Refrain (0:17)

Like a phrase or a verse recurring over and over in a song or a poem... 

What if the situations you’ve been putting up with persist? 

What if the sub-par results you’ve been accepting continue?

What if the circumstances that are preventing you from achieving or maintaining your big dream remain the same?

What if the things you’ve been doing aren’t enough? What if the things you’re not doing are beginning to show? 

What if the rat race you’ve been running to get somewhere is actually a treadmill that is taking you nowhere?

Important because, What if NOTHING changes? 

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TIME BOMB (0:27)

This is what the voice of time pesters me with every day:

- You’re wasting me!

- You’ll never have enough of me!

- Don't be late!

- The clock is ticking!

- You’re not getting any younger!

- Quit trying to save me!

- After all these years, you still haven’t learned how to manage me!

Important because there are so many important things to do; 

so many great ideas waiting to be born, 

so many things to fix, 

so many worthwhile projects to start,

so many great songs to compose, 

so many inspiring scripts to pitch, 

so many jaw-dropping start-ups to launch, 

so many ways to contribute, 

so many ways to make a difference, 

so many people to help, 

and so many opportunities to create art that inspires, entertainment that encourages and ideas that matter. It’s a shame that we hastily kill off our precious time, hour by hour, pretending that our aimless clicking and petty distractions are somehow making a difference.


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Clear Thinking at the Wrong Moment (0:17)

Clear thinking is logical, it’s predictable, it’s unsurprising and it’s rational. It can also stall your train of thought, stifle your creativity and dam up your constant free-flowing stream of crazy genius ideas.

When we’re in the throes of solving a problem, working on a scene, composing music, redesigning a website or editing a video, the outcome is NEVER clear. In fact, it’s usually foggy, and filled with indecision, hesitation and frustration.

Important because the very last thing we want when we’re in the zone of creating, solving, inventing or attempting, is to be clear thinking. On the contrary, the very first thing we want is to be open-minded. 

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Working With Coppola

I’ve been working with a talented client who has hit a critical setback in her career, and she’s considering abandoning her big project. It’s an extraordinary, worthwhile project too, that has the potential to upgrade her career to a much more lucrative and respectable place! I keep pointing out the fact that a setback or crossroads may have all the markings of a logical stopping point, however it can also be a self-imposed halt in the action; depending on how committed you really are, your tolerance level for uncertainty, your ability to hunker down, take risks and push through, and where YOU ultimately plant the stop sign.

After much discussion at the deep end of the pool, I related a story to her that seems to have completely turned her around and reignited her commitment. It’s actually a blog I wrote back in 2012 called “Fade To Black.” I’ve posted it here, and I hope this is helpful to you too:

Fade to Black: 

I worked with Francis Ford Coppola in post-production on the Godfather. Paramount insisted on using the world-class film processing company, Technicolor, and I was lucky enough to be asked to join the team. I was working in a department called “answer print” at the time, and I was charged with keeping track of each and every scene of the movie, while at the same time Francis and a “color timer” corrected the “sepia tone” color of each scene. It was a 4-month gig, on what would turn out to be the greatest film of all time.

At one point Francis told us the story of while they were in the throws of shooting, he was constantly being threatened and challenged by the producers; why are you so far over budget? Why do the dailies look so dark and faded? Why can’t you keep the production on schedule? He said directing the film was a huge technical challenge itself, however dealing with the suits made his job almost impossible. In fact he shared that he was once in a bathroom stall when he over heard two guys talking about how terrible a director they thought he was. He says that he lifted his feet because he was afraid they would recognize his shoes. 

Yet even at the risk of terrible humiliation, fear of being fired, personal embarrassment, intense criticism and financial disaster, he didn’t stop, or quit. He kept going. Even in the face of big doubts he said (very loud) “nothing would stop me from making this movie!”

Important because it leads me to the question, where do you stop?

Do You Stop when others criticize your work?

 Do You Stop when personal “doubts” begin to surface?

Do You Stop when there’s too much work involved?

Do You Stop when the money runs out?

Do You Stop when it’s too time consuming?

Do You Stop when there’s too much stress?

Do you stop because you just don’t know what to do next?

Does your resistance to today’s technology stop you?

Does “not being good at marketing” stop you?

Does doubting your own talent stop you?

"Anything you build on a large scale or with intense passion invites chaos and doubt. You have to really be courageous about your instincts and your ideas. Otherwise you'll just knuckle under, and things that might have been memorable and worthwhile will be lost.” —Francis Ford Coppola

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Rules Don’t Apply (0:19)

“The truth of the matter is, you always know the right thing to do, the hard part is doing it.” —Former U.S. General Norman Schwarzkopf.

Important because you're an exception, and rules don't apply to you. That's because artists and entrepreneurs NEVER know the “right” thing to do! We work in a perpetual state of doubt and uncertainty. Why? Because it’s our job to manifest an extraordinary experience out of nothing, so that our fans, clients and customers can enjoy and benefit from our own brand of creative genius. And while it’s true that a commander leads his troop according to the guidelines and protocol found in an official rulebook, it is also nevertheless true that a creative, courageous artist/trep runs her world without one.

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Big Blab (0:13)

Dreaming about your big project should eventually lead to discussing it with others.

Talking about it with others should lead to taking some notes and doing some research.

Research and due diligence should eventually lead to a decision on weather or not to pursue the project.

A decision to go forward would certainly lead to action, progress and manifestation. 

Important because although this sounds like an intelligent approach, most people get hung up just talking about their big project.

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Embrace The Base (0:11)

Acquiring new fans, clients and customers is far more challenging than keeping your current fans, clients and customers. 

That said, investing time, money, perks and freebies, to reward and acknowledge your true faithful devotees, along with frequent direct interaction via regular newsletter or blog is the most intelligent way to maintain your relationship and solidify your credibility. It also provides a foundation from which to continuously grow your base from there.

Important because if you’re not stomping all over the old worn out antique methods of marketing your products and promoting your art, then you’re going to always be scratching your head and struggling just to keep up.


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Divine Blush (0:21)

All you have to do is walk into your creative space, whether it’s a studio, a set, a stage or an office, stand directly in front of your most important project, the one that’s most near and dear to you, and simply begin to do the work. 

Important because at that moment everything changes. Your attitude shifts, your edginess softens, your confidence rises and the grip of resistance is released. At that moment, even in the shadow of uncertainty, so long as you stand face-to-face and toe-to-toe with the work you love, it’s as if the gates of inspiration and possibility open wide, and the entire universe begins to blush with joy.

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Dim Bulb (0:10)

Boredom is good. Without it our minds could not wander and our imagination could not run free. Without it there would be no empty space for new ideas to reveal themselves. Without it our fantasies would be fleeting, our daydreams would be dampened, and the light bulb over our head would be forever dim.

Important because without boredom we would not ask the question “What should I do next?”

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Belly Of The Beast (0:29)

Stealing away into your private space to do some deep soul searching about the value of your work and the direction you’re headed is not only important, it’s absolutely imperative for a crazy, genius artist/trep. And obviously, the more often you do it, the more insight and wisdom you’ll gain. However, when you’re faced with a specific career challenge, problem or crossroads that has left you stressed and perplexed, the last person you should consult is yourself. The last person you should ask for advice is yourself. The very last person you should have a conversation with is yourself, because you’re the one inside the belly of the beast!

Important because while YOU will ultimately make the final decisions, a profound, pragmatic conversation at the deep end of the pool, with someone whose opinion you trust, always provides a unique, alternative POV, which can provoke a welcome shift from belly to breakthrough.

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Fed Up! (0:47)

So many of my clients are at wit’s end with how to market and promote their work. Doesn’t matter if it’s music, art, screenplays, a major acting career, a giant corp, or a small business. 

I know it’s hard to get peoples attention these days. It’s also frustrating and challenging to figure out ways to promote your art & commerce—especially with so many social marketing choices—and especially when you rarely get the results you expect. Makes you want to toss in the towel! I get it!

However, often when we're faced with a challenging problem, we inadvertently add more anxiety to the mix by searching for the one solution that will make the problem go away. Therein lies the rub. This is no longer a “one-solution” industry. It’s a multi-solution one.

Important because the truth is, more than ever before in the history of show business, these are the freewheeling days of unlimited possibilities. These are the days of trial & error. These are the days of hit & miss. These are the days of experimentation and exploration. And these are the days of dreaming it, producing it, packaging it, and tossing it overboard to see if it floats! If it floats, whaoo! Keep doing more of that. If it doesn’t, head back to your creative space and keep working on more ideas. Honestly, for all of us artists and entrepreneurs, heading back to our creative space to improve our work, over and over, even though it’s frustrating, is the ONLY option we have...other than the towel toss.


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Sense & Sensibility (0:9)

Logic: The heck with logic! Give me illogical and let me grapple with it for a while. 

Common Sense: It's just what it says: a consensus of everyone else’s logic. 

Rational Thought: Thinking in accordance with logic & common sense. Huh?

Important because your most creative, inventive work to date was a risky idea, loaded with doubt just before you went with it.

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There’s a Problem (0:29)

— The problem is not that you don’t put in the effort. The problem is that the effort you’re putting in is not going where it’s needed most.

— The problem is not that you don’t know how. The problem is that you resist doing the necessary research, to figure out how. 

— The problem is not that you don’t have the connections. The problem is that you don’t use the connections you do have to lead you to the connections you want.

— The problem is not that you don’t look for solutions. The problem is that you keep choosing the same old, worn out solutions over and over, expecting the problem to go away.

— The problem is not that “there just isn’t enough time in the day.” The problem is that you procrastinate, and allow petty distractions to steal your focus and garble your critical thinking.

Important because the problem is not that you don’t know what the problem is. The problem is that you DO know what the problem is and you resist doing anything about it.

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Rock Beats Scissors (0:33)

No one remembers who was king when Beethoven was alive.

No one remembers who published The Lord Of The Rings. 

No one remembers what company produced and distributed the original Star Wars film.

No one remembers who invented the “mouse.”

No one can forget the definition of “Carpe Diem.” 

Important because art outshines uniformity, culture eclipses commerce, inspiration dwarfs policy and innovation trumps protocol. And even though we have entered into a time of political ambiguity, and even though the industries of certainty are continuously being disrupted all around us, what matters most is the art you create, the songs you compose, the books you write, the movies you direct, the products you invent and the worthy ideas you produce. Those manifestations will outlast and outlive adversity and mediocrity, and they will be recalled over and over again for generations to come.

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Upheaval! (0:43)

Some interruptions are necessary, some pauses are helpful, and an unexpected break in our routine can be valuable. However, some other disruptions really suck; career failures, money loss, project flops, personal heartbreaks, etc. And getting the motor running again, at top performance, after a dramatic, drawn-out delay can be an effort. Why? Because the brute called “Resistance” will stop at nothing to keep you stuck in the drama of your circumstances.

Important because When you finally reconnect with your desire to succeed, and your resolve to push through “resistance” becomes ruthless, then getting back in the groove can be exhilarating. Not to mention that reinventing yourself can be empowering, and starting over can actually be a blessing in disguise. And if you're really smart, the choices and decisions you make after your big upheaval should actually put you further down the road than you were before. Why? Because you’re starting from HERE. And as a result of your disruption you should be stronger, wiser, more experienced, and a lot clearer on where you want to go, and how your going to get there. That said, experiencing an “upheaval” is never a back step, it’s actually progress in disguise. 

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Your New Strategy (0:19)

Your new career scheme, business plan, or marketing strategy doesn’t have to be set in stone, it just has to be set in place. Not budging from your tired old method of producing results, just because it’s easier (or you can’t think of anything else to do) is a crummy strategy.

Important because everything in our wonderful industry is changing—especially the means to success. And if you continue to replicate the same tactics and schemes over and over, convincing yourself that you’re doing something different, your fans and customers will move on to something new, your numbers will start to drop, your results will continue to decline, and that dream you have of making it will eventually begin to dwindle...just when you were expecting it to peak.

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Not Like Nostradamus (0:29)

In my experience, pro artists and entrepreneurs are always stronger than they seem, braver than they believe and smarter than they think. Those who see the future first are never convinced that their big idea is unique, or their unproven strategy will work, or their precarious project will ever get off the ground.

That said, every pro artist & trep has been granted the gift of seeing the future, then reporting back to the rest of us by manifesting what they see; awesome music, extraordinary designs, jaw-dropping performances, amazing business solutions, must-have products, inspiring blogs and thought-provoking, gut-wrenching, soul-searching screenplays, videos and movies. 

Important because seeing the future is nothing like a Nostradamus prediction. It’s more like a light bulb over the head that you simply MUST turn on. 

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You Deserve A Week (0:13)

You deserve a week where the phone doesn’t ring as much and emails slow to a crawl.

You deserve a week where to-do lists are replaced with greeting cards and worries are replaced with a shoulder shrug.

You deserve a week where you can take in a big, deep, gasp of fresh air, and let out a long, slow sigh of relief.

Important because after a full year of daily successes and failures, you deserve these slower, quieter days between Christmas and New Years where the choices and decisions you make are more about food and friends and less about goals and objectives. Revel in this well deserved respite from the madness:)

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Miracle On 34th

You may be burnt out on it but I’m a sap for this movie. I wrote about it in 2012 and after watching it again I was compelled to write about it now. I’m talking about the original “Miracle On 34th St.” released in 1947 with Oscar winner Edmund Gwenn as Kris Kringle. The film was written and directed by George Seaton, who won an Academy Award for best screenplay, and was also nominated for best director (and best film).

There are far too many sub plots in this movie to dissect them all, including the Macy’s head of personnel who goes beyond his scope, trying to pass as a psychologist—risky stuff in those days. But the most well written, persuasive character in this ensemble cast is not Santa, it’s John Payne’s character Fred Gaily. He’s the attorney who risks his law career by putting his reputation on the line, all because he’s really in love with Doris, and he has such compassion for o’l Kris Kringle. By taking on the “impossible” task of proving Kringle is the real Santa Claus, he definitely places in jeopardy his reputation as a respected attorney, and also puts at risk his relationship with Doris. Here’s a poignant excerpt from the original script:

Doris (Maureen O’Hara): You're not really serious about this?

Gaily: (John Payne) Of course I am.

Doris: But it’s IMPOSSIBLE to prove he's Santa Claus. 

Gaily: Why? You saw Macy and Gimbal shaking hands. That wasn't possible either, but it happened.

Doris: It’s completely idiotic. What do your bosses say?

Gaily: That either I drop this IMPOSSIBLE case or they will drop me.

Doris: I can’t believe you would risk everything to prove the IMPOSSIBLE...that there IS a Santa Claus!

Gaily: But no one else has the courage to stand up for Kris, and what he stands for!

Important because doing what’s obvious and ordinary provokes obvious and ordinary results. However, courageously stepping out on to the skinny branches and taking on the “impossible,” lifts us out of the box, where ALL possibilities exist. No less scary, just more opportunity. The wisdom of Fred Gaily (and studio chief Darryl Zanuck) tells us to be courageous, do what’s right, go for the impossible, and prove to us that you are who you say you are.


This film itself was considered to be a long shot. However, Darryl Zanuck (head of 20th Century Fox) took a big risk and changed the release date from December to May, taking advantage of the summer season, rather than the cold winter when no one went to movies. 

The house shown at the end of the film is a 1703 square foot single family home built in 1943. It’s located at 24 Derby Road, Port Washington, New York. The home looks practically the same as it did in 1947, except that the roof line has been altered by the addition of a window.

 Happy Holidays!

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Resolution Road (0:9)

What’s the best solution to this problem? The one that will benefit everyone involved.

What’s the right strategy going forward? The one you will actually follow.

What item on my to-do list should I do first? The one that’s screaming the loudest.

What’s wrong with my computer? Try rebooting.

Important because most often, the road to “resolve” is well lit.

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Reject The Flinch (0:41)

This is an excerpt from an email exchange between me and one of my clients—a film director who I admire very much. Not so much for his film credits, but for his commitment to continue to better himself and his art.

“Paul: Whatever it is that causes you to pause, flinch or hesitate from dreaming any bigger or working toward a bigger vision, it’s that same hesitancy that causes you to slow, stall or even stop the process (actually the effort) of producing extraordinary results in your work—instead, choosing to settle for mediocrity just to make a buck. Can you see that? And really, that’s what we should be going for; extra-ordinary results…right? Especially a guy in your position! Because today, “ordinary” does not hold the attention of the audience, nor the interest of potential producers/investors. And your best “ordinary” work will rarely get shared, forwarded, advanced or even “pitched.”

Important because while we may think we are getting closer, just think how close we could get if we could “reject the flinch” and nip-in-the-bud whatever it is that causes us to hesitate from stepping up our vision, and playing a bigger game. A game that demands a more committed, professional, intelligent approach to our life’s work. Not like a surge of temporary confidence, more like a lifelong (daily) commitment to see beyond even our own expectations.

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Circle of Influence (0:41)

The road to victory is besieged with so many distractions, so many ups and downs, and so many unpredictable twists and turns. And as crazy, genius artists & entrepreneurs we get irritated sooner, frustrated faster, distracted easier, and seduced off that road much quicker than others. Why? Because we’re a channel for a never-ending flow of exhausting creative thinking, and an outlet for an endless stream of big ideas and unlimited possibilities, constantly flowing through us 24/7. And while others frantically thumb through the rulebook of protocol, the pro artist & entrepreneur courageously defers to creativity, ingenuity and intuition to navigate the road of uncertainty. BUT IT ISN’T EASY! That’s exactly why artist & treps need more support than others. No kidding!  We need people who we trust to remind us who we are and where we’re headed—so we can remain steadfast and inside the “zone.”

Important because our “circle of influence” is important...very important. We’re a unique tribe of independent, creative thinkers. And it’s empowering and motivating to have regular, deep conversations with other like-minded independent artists & entrepreneurs who are confronted with similar concerns, share similar goals, and experience similar angst. And if we can’t find any like-minded peers, then we need to manifest or create a regular, on-going conversation with a personal confident, mentor or experienced coach who understands the entrepreneurial angst we go thru, and has the audacity to consistently encourage us and point us in the right direction.

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Total Recall (0:7)

Remember those days when you did what you do for the fun of it? Remember the moment when all that changed?

 Important because at that moment all we really did was replace the line "this is so much fun" with "this is really hard!" Same activity, different interpretation. 


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Romancing The Stone (0:39)

According to Greek mythology, as a punishment for his trickery, the god Zeus ordered King Sisyphus to roll a huge boulder up a steep hill. Before he could reach the top, however, the massive stone would always roll back down, forcing Sisyphus to begin again and again, for eternity. However as the tale goes, Sisyphus was very content with his destiny because at every punishing push, at every sweaty shove, and at every steely step forward, the desire to succeed and the anticipation of victory made him stronger, and gave him hope to carry on.

Once the show is over, the product has shipped, the website launched, the record released or the book is published, the customer returns home to enjoy the rewards of her new purchase, and the fans leave the stadium with gratification and exhilaration. But the pro artist and the committed entrepreneur will return the next day to the studio, the workshop, the warehouse or the office and start the process all over again, pushing the giant stone up the mountain.

Important because this is the true joy for any artist or entrepreneur: to be given the opportunity to wake up the next day into a crazy, uncertain, creative lifestyle and shove that giant boulder up the hill; doing your best work, thrilling your fans, inspiring your clients and “wowing” your customers—day after day.

Rewritten from a blog I wrote in 2013.

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My Big Ideas Love Me (0:11)

Best selling author Steven Pressfield said: “We don’t need to write the whole book. We just need the determination to work on it today.”

Important because we don’t need to fight with our projects, goals and big ideas...they are not the enemy! They’re on our side! And they’re always speaking to us and rooting for us to give them life! We just need the resolve to pursue them, advance them, and reveal them a little more, every single day.

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Smart People Are Not Very Good (0:23)

They’re not very good at playing small.  

They’re not very good at giving up.

They’re not very good at allowing assumptions to guide their decisions.

They’re not very good at discussing petty gossip, even worse at spreading it. 

They’re not very good at allowing Internet distractions or media sensations to steal them away from their most worthwhile goals and projects.

They’re terrible at insisting their way is the only way, and they suck at needing to prove they're smarter. 

Important because the more I hang out and interact with smarter people than me the more my awareness expands. The more I humble myself in the presence of smarter people than me, the more my level of consciousness rises. And the more I read smarter people than me, the more I realize how far I still need to go. Truth is, I just like jamming with better musicians than me...it makes me a better musician.

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• TV 2.0: Blue Shirts & Open Windows (1:31)
• Dropping Out (0:13)
• No Stinking Manual (0:27)
• Freak Flag (0:23)
• THE BELL (0:47)
• Babysitting (0:31)
• Invaders From Mars (0:7)
• Powerful Fuc#ing Words
• Anything Goes (0:19)
• Oscar's Lesson (0:21)
• Too Old To Tango? (0:51)
• No Regrets (0:19)
• That Chinese Curse (0:21)
• Your Trump Card (0:19)
• When There's a Hole in Your Boat (0:9)
• Red-Hot Honey (0:29)
• Ruts & Grooves (0:19)
• 10 TIPS? (0:19)
• What’s The Real Problem? (0:23)

2014 Posts:
• 8 Ways To Make 2015 Different
• Dig Deeper
• The Right to Sweat (0:13)
• IGNORED! (0:11)
• MISGUIDED (0:13)
• GLOW (0:21)
• We're all Wizards (0:23)
• CHEESE (0:21)
• 2nd FIDDLE (0:19)
• THE RIGHT WAY (0:11)
• Crucial Connection (0:9)
• Mission Accomplished (0:15)
• UFO’s (0:13)
• 9 Career Killers
• Weasel & Whine (0:17)
• Choke, Stall & Flinch (0:21)
• THRILL RIDE! (0:49)
• Very, Very Soon (0:15)
• Spit’n In The Wind (0:17)
• IT’S SO EASY (0:15)
• WATCH & LEARN (0:49)
• More Than A Game  (0:19)
• Edgy, Crabby & Restless (0:17)
• The Most Important Thing (0:29)
• ABANDON SHIP? (0:41)
• PROMPTS (0:41)
• Robin Williams (0:21)
• Answer Free Zone (0:39)
• Best In The World (0:49)
• F_CK IT! (0:51)
• Nearly Impossible
• It’s Rigged (0:19)
• BORED (0:27)
• Permission Granted (0:31)
• Gag Me With A Spoon (0:43)
• I’m Not Sure (0:23)
• Do What I Do (0:43)
• HALFTIME (0:41)
• The Artist Rested (0:27)
• The Money Seminar (0:13)
• STRUGGLE (0:27)
• GOT GUTS? (0:21)
• THE TURN (0:53)
• Tune Your Sitar (0:19)
• Lost In Translation (0:43)
• License To Choose (0:21)
• I Can’t Help You (0:29)
• SABOTAGE (0:20)
• UBUNTU (0:39)
• IT’S PERSONAL (0:23)
• Breakfast With Champions (1:13)
• Todays Forecast (0:15)
• Oh No! It’s Cracked (0:17)
• When Your Bones Grow (0:41)
• HIGHWAY 1 (0:23)
• The Next BIG Step (0:13)
• DON’T FLINCH! (0:19)
• The Pixar Pitch (0:35)
• Oh, That Story (0:29)
• DAWDLING (0:29)
• PACK OF LIES (0:19)
• WORK ON IT (0:27)
• Hard To Explain (0:19)
• Seduced, Wooed & Choked (0:17)
• Hunker Down, Take Heed, Get Muddy (0:29)
• Better Safe Than Sorry (0:13)

2013 Posts:
• 7-Ways To Make 2014 Better
• Refried Art (Read time 0:29)
• Don’t Bogart The Good Stuff (Read time 0:30)
• YOU'RE GROUNDED! (Read time 0:25)
• Beat The Bush! (Read time 0:27)
• BREAKDOWN (Read time 0:19)
• 30 DAYS! (Read time 0:21)
• WHAT RU WAITING FOR? (Read time 0:19)
• Ahead Isn’t Far Enough (Read time 0:27)
• The Field (Read time 0:37)
• Knee Jerks (Read time 0:23)
• What’s At Stake? (Read time 0:27)
• #1 Hit (Read time 0:41)
• ZIP LINE (Read time 0:43)
• GRAVITY (Read time 1:27)
• See’s Candy (Read time 0:31)
• NO SH%T! (Read time 0:57)
• FLYING SOLO (Read time 0:53)
• Consider The Ganesh Factor (Read time 0:27)
• Fishing In Your Private Pond (Read time 0:27)
• Why It's Taking So Long (Read time 0:53)
• Best Pizza In The World (Read time 0:51)
• 1st Impression  (Read time 0:19)
• Smart People Are Dumb (Read time 1:13)
• THIS WEEK (Read time 0:31)
• Must-Have, Must-See (Read time: 1:17)
• R U APPROPRIATE? (Read time 0:21)
• Screaming To Get Out! (Read time 0:49)
• Dangerous Assumptions (Read time 0:41)
• BLEACHERS FILLED (Read time (0:57)
• I'M NOT RIGHT FOR THIS (Read time 0:47)
• REDO (Read time 0:27)
• BRAVER, STRONGER, SMARTER (Read time 0:47)
• Sins Of Artists & Treps (Read time 0:29)
• Modus Operandi (Read time 0:49)
• A Dozen Mid-Year Reminders
• Isn’t It Ironic? (Read time 0:27)
• MY WAY (Read time 0:19)
• FILL THE VOID (Read time 0:27)
• SLOW DANCING (Read time 0:39)
• KILLING THE GOOD STUFF (Read time 0:27)
• A PETTY REMINDER (Read time 0:31)
• THE BIZ (Read time 0:57)
• TIME BANDITS (Read time: 021)
• Gatekeepers Begone (Read time 1:00)
• Spaced, Frozen & Dogged (Read time 0:31)
• EAT LIGHTNING (Read time 0:57)
• QUESTION & DOUBT (Read time 0:51)
• SHOWTIME (Read time 0:51)
• OBSCURE BARVERY ( Read time 1:07)
• LEAP OF FAITH (Read time 0:29)
• That Time’n Thang (Read time 0:57)
• LIVING WITH ANTS (Read time 0:27)
• ROMANCING THE STONE (Read time 0:51)
• PLAYING SMALL (Read time 0:51)
• ART + COMMERCE (Read time 0:43)
• A FLEETING GLIMPSE (Read time 0:47)

2012 Posts:
• 7-Ways To Make 2013 Better
• MIRACLE ON 34th (Read time 1:13)
• FOLLOW THE LEADERS (Read time 0:39)
• ABSENCE OF FORMULA (Read time 0:51)
• Beginners Mind (Read time 0:43)
• 35 DAYS (Read time 0:47)
• Your Tired Strategy (Read time 0:27)
• FADE TO BLACK (Read time 1:27)
• DEEPER TRUTH (Read time 0:47)
• Blow Away Distraction 2012
• Unseen Unsold (Read Time 0:49)
• FILIBUSTER (Read time 0:30)
• Got Something To Prove? (Read time 0:37)
• R U OUT OF YOUR MIND? (read time 1:13)
• NO BIG SPLASH (Read time 0:27)
• Modus Operandi (Read time 0:49)
• DETACH (read time (0:31)
• PLAY BIGGER (Read time 0:17)
• DON’T GIVE UP (Read time :037)
• ALL TOGETHER NOW (Read time 1:03)
• R U READY? (Read time 0:47)
• EVERY SINGLE DAY (Read time 0:51)
• The New Marketing Dept. (Read time 0:23)
• O Captain! My Captain! (Read time 0:57)
• KEEP YOUR BOOTS MUDDY (Read time 0:37)
• When UR Best Effort Fails (Read time 0:29)
• STEEP CLIMB (Read time 0:27)
• SILENCE OF CHAMPIONS (Read time 1:13)
• WHY IT’S NOT WORKING (Read time 0:31)
• THE BUCK STOPS HERE (Read time 0:51)
• WE ALREADY TRIED THAT (Read Time 0:29)
• CHOOSE ONE (Read time 1:09)
• LEGWORK (Read time 0:15)
• ARTISTS vs. ENTREPRENEURS (Read time 1:03)
• 5-YEAR SURPRISE! (Read time 0:43)
• MID-YEAR TO DO LIST (Read time 0:53)
• ALL IN (Read time 0:33)
• WHAT IF NOTHING CHANGES? (Read time 0:21)
• WADDA JACKASS! (Read time 1:07)
• WHAT ARE U SO AFRAID OF? (Read time 0:57)
• DON’T THINK! (Read time :31)
• Why incumbents rarely invent the future (Read time 1:13)
• THE BOX (Read time 0:33)
• STAND UP IN THE BOAT! (Read time 0:27)
• YOU’RE DREAM’N! (Read time 0:57)
• KNOWING (Read time 0:33)
• CONCEALED CONCERNS (Read time 0:47)
• TAMING THE $$$ BEAST (Read time 1:17)
• FAKING IT (Read time 0:17)
• STAYING POWER (Read time 0:47)
• 0:20 SECONDS OF INSANE COURAGE (Read time 0:51)
• GRASS (Read time 0:41)
• I'LL DO ANYTHING BUT THAT! (Read time 0:47)
• ASS ON THE LINE (Read time 1:37)
• MARKETING BLUES (Read time 0:47)
• THE LONG RUN (Read time 0:39)
• THE RACER'S EDGE (Read time 0:41)
• NO WAY NO HOW! (Read time 0:27)
• THE SMART MONEY (Read time 0:25)
• YOU’RE CRAZY! (Read time 1:19)
• NO DOUBT (Read time 1:17)

2011 Posts:
• DEAR PRUDENCE (read time :43)
• COMPLAIN ALL YOU WANT! (read time :23)
• IMAGINE (read time :57)
• WEEKENDS (read time :33)
• PIXAR LETTER (read time 1:03)
• RESISTANCE CAN KILL (read time 1:37)
• AMATEURS vs. PROS (read time :57)
• REQUIEM FOR A HONEYMOON (read time 1:09)
• CAN YOU FEEL IT? (read time 1:47)
• BRANCUSI'S VICTORY CRY  (read time :57)
• SAIL AWAY (read time :43)
• ARTISTS RULE! (read time 1:23)
• USE IT OR LOSE IT (read time :53)
• START HERE (read time 1:27)
• UNCERTAINTY (read time 1:19)
• STOPPED BY CALAMITY (read time 1:37)
• ART (read time :57)
• AUDACIOUS & UNSTOPPABLE (read time 2:37)
• WRITERS BLOCK (read time 1:47)
• BLOW AWAY DISTRACTIONS (read time :31)
• GOOD BYE LADY LUCK (read time 1:53)
• DEADLINE OR DIE! (read time 1:53)
• THE WIZARDS CLOCK (Read time :47)
• CREATIVE PRIVACY (read time :43)
• THE KOBE IN ME (read time 1:13)
• READY, SET, GO! (read time :47)
• EVE OF DISTRACTION (read time 1:29)
• KEEP YOUR FEET UP! (read time 1:09)
• JUST ONE MORE FOOT (read time 1:57)
• MY MUSE DOESN'T CARE (read time :39)
• MISUNDERSTOOD (read time 1:19)
• DUMP IT! (read time 1:19)
• IS IT WORTH IT? (read time :49)
• THE 24 HOUR RULE (read time 2:21)
• MONK ON THE MOUNTIAN (read time: a lifetime)
• “IT” (read time 1:37)
• BORN TO SHOW (read time 3:37)
• THE STING OF REJECTION (read time 1:13)
• LESSON FROM A ROCK STAR (Read time 0:27)
• THUMB POWER (read time 1:59)
• EXPOSING THE WIZARD (read time (1:13)
• HEY, WHAT’S THE BIG IDEA? (read time 1:37)
• THE WAITING WARRIOR (Read time 0:41)
• PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK (read time :57 sec)
• AUTONOMY HIGHWAY (read time :35 sec)
• LIMPIDITY (read time :45 sec)
• WHY I MEDITATE (read time 1:00 min)
• YOUR SHADOW AGENDA (Read time 0:59)
• WHY I SOLD MY BUSINESS (read time 6:33)
• BARENAKED PROBITY (read time 1:47 min)
• THE FANTASIES OF POSSIBILITY (read time 4:17 min)
• THE TUG OF WAR (read time 5:09 min)