1) You’ve been faking it for so long you’re exhausted and it’s getting harder to keep up the charade.

2) You’re selling a new story: instead of telling people where you’re headed, you’re telling them stories of where you’ve been.

3) You’re still waiting for someone to walk in and save you and your career or your business.

4) Not making it for so long has become the new normal.

5) Every time you’ve come close to the brass ring, you’ve been afraid to let go and reach out for it.

6) You’re stuck in a thinking that “success” has to match your definition.

7) You resist “change” as if it were the enemy.

8) You’re too embarrassed to admit to yourself or others that it’s time to fold up the tent.

9) You will never admit or even listen to the notion that the choices and decisions you’ve made in the past are the reason you are where you are today.

10) You need help and you’re too proud to ask for it.

Important because nothing on this list is more important than #2. If you can (honestly & confidently) start telling people where you’re headed instead of where you’ve been, that would mean the other 9 reasons don’t apply to you.

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