Last December you had a vision of the coming year, and it was very important that you manifest that vision. So you boldly made resolutions, declared promises, and confirmed best laid plans. Then you stood on the mountaintop and proclaimed “This I Shall Do!” Have you achieved your goals for this year? Fulfilled your resolutions? Kept your promises? Are you close?

There’s only 30-days left in 2013, and our two dearest relatives, “Procrastination” and “Distraction” absolutely love this time of year. And the most effective logic they use to dissuade you is: “let’s wait until after the holidays.”

Screw them! You’re an artist, an entrepreneur, and this is the crazy, independent, creative life you’ve chosen. Respect your vision and honor your dharma by “owning” your resolutions, keeping your word, and completing your mission.

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