There’s only thirty-five days left in 2012. It’s time to lock yourself in the studio, bolt the office door, barricade your team inside the creative space and don’t come out until it’s finished! Only allow food to come through the door and handwritten notes to come under it. Unplug the TV and block out the Net. Tell your friends and family to leave you alone—until you give them the green light.

When Procrastination suggests a “petty” to do list, flush it down the toilet!
When Distraction whispers “it’s time to check your email,” give him the finger!
When Doubt wants to turn and run the other way, “sprint” toward the finish line!

A profound choice is now staring you right in the face: spend the last 35 days of this year “resisting,” OR, give it 200% and get your project/life/biz right where you want it by 12/31. You’re an artist, an entrepreneur, this is the life you’ve chosen—honor your mission. Just put on your gloves, get in the ring, and come out swing’n!

“I could not finish the book I started. The closer I got to the end, the stronger the resistance…the more different ways I’d find to screw it up.” —Best selling author, Steven Pressfield, The War Of Art.


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