It’s hard to remain motivated and excited about our big goals and future dreams when there are so many confronting, disheartening distractions happening all around us!

That said, here are four reminders that you may have forgotten in the heat & hoopla of these challenging times:

1. Progress, growth and success are a consequence, an upshot, a by-product of focusing our attention on the goal ahead, and simply doing the work, in spite of the distractions.

2. It’s what we are not doing that could move the dial and make a difference. It’s the confronting actions we resist that could produce the breakthrough we so desperately crave.

3. Procrastination can be ass-kicked! At any moment we have the power to quit a mind-numbing, time-crunching, useless habit and choose where to give our complete attention.

4. Your Choice: Stand up on your own two feet and declare, “this I shall do!” Or, continue to vacillate in indecision and wallow in the mire.

Important because in the heat of the hoopla, never forget who you are as a crazy, creative artist/entrepreneur. And lean-in to all the experiences you’ve had, the knowledge you’ve acquired, the talents and skills you’ve learned, and your unique ability to create, invent or dance your way out of any challenging situation.

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