1. Your unique abilities, exceptional talents, and that uncommon quirk that no one else in the world has but you. Without them you’re toast.

2. Your incomplete to-do list of unfinished tasks, abandoned goals and postponed projects, staring you right in the face, and still waiting for you to take action.

3. That remarkable skill you have to “create” your way out of crummy circumstances. Without that, you’ll be constantly stalled by crummy circumstances throughout the year.

4. Your biggest goals, wildest dreams and strongest desires. They lead, you follow.

5. Your advisory board. Those few people (or that one person) in your life you can count on, confide in and consult with for advice, guidance, direction and inspiration.

6. Trust, in all those experiences you had in 2019 that taught you something. Confidence, in all the knowledge you acquired that lead you somewhere. And Faith, in that deeper wisdom you attained that prodded you to look deeper.

Important because the only thing you can’t take with you into 2020 is any hope of a better 2019.

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