Forget New Years Resolutions! Instead make intelligent choices. You already have a project, a goal, a mission—commit to that for 2014! That said, here’s 7-things you can do to make 2014 a more prolific year:

1. Upgrade your digital world. It’s a wise investment. Everything is becoming mobile, portable and global. Be sure you have the best tech-tools you can afford; including phones, pads, laptops, etc.

2. Upgrade your website(s). Don’t risk losing your fans and customers because they’re bored with your store, or they’ve lost interest in your world. Refresh the look, improve the navigation and consistently add new audio, video and content to your site.

3. Grow your following. Content may be king, but community holds the keys to the kingdom. Whether you’re an artist or entrepreneur or both, if you want to make a decent living at this you must “consistently” interact and engage with your fans, readers, followers and customers. The world may have shrunk, but choices for entertainment and commerce have expanded to the stratosphere. Maintain a “constant” flow of communication with all your past, present and future followers—it’s an intelligent investment of your time.

4. Transform Your Goals from possible to IMPOSSIBLE! Make them outrageously HUGE! In my world, a dream is not worth pursuing unless it’s impossible, because in my world, ANYTHING is possible!

5. Don’t Worry about the economy. It’s out of your control. Just make intelligent choices regarding your money, whether you have a lot or a little. Be smart enough to avoid spontaneous, emotional spending, and courageous enough to jump on wise investment opportunities when they come your way. Don’t forget you’re an artist, an entrepreneur—wherever you go to create a song, write a script or invent an idea, that’s the same place to go to create solutions to financial challenges.

6. Help Others Triumph: Give more of yourself—yes, especially in these tough times. Your time, money, art, contacts, coaching, listening, empathy, etc. could easily change someone’s life forever. Don’t forget that giving & receiving are different aspects of the same energy. And in our willingness to give that which we seek, we keep that energy circulating in our lives. Make sense?

7. Meditate! Learn to tame the beast between your ears. I’ve said it a million times, I began meditating daily in 1985 and the balance I’ve found in my life between the hoopla of rock & roll and the silence of my soul is astounding. I’m not sure who I would be without this one simple practice in my life. I’m currently putting the finishing touches on a book I’ve written about meditating. If you’d like to reserve a copy (free to my subscribers) just drop me a note: Again, you must be a subscriber to my blogs.

Happy Happy New Year!


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