As free-spirited, autonomous, self-reliant artists & treps, we are constantly challenged to create and manifest ideas that are new and different. Consequently, we’re criticized when we don’t, hailed as geniuses when we do, marked as sell-outs when we compromise, and labeled “eccentric” when we offer alternatives. Nevertheless, we manage to endure the slings & arrows of others as we pursue our dreams.

Here’s the upside:
It’s better to be on stage struggling with a broken string, a lousy PA, and a drummer with an attitude, than it is to be trapped in an office with an outdated computer and a boss with an attitude!

It’s better to be struggling with confusing new software, than it is to be standing on the sidelines waiting for the tech train to slow down.

It’s better to be a free, independent, creative entrepreneur, struggling to reach your goals, than it is to be content working on someone else’s.

That said, it’s better to be entangled in a beautiful struggle than it is to be watching from a safe distance.

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