When I was the hot-shot, top dog, head honcho, know-it-all, smart-ass publisher at MCI, “proofreading” was everything. A few days before we launched a new publication, book, magazine or website, it was a frantic last ditch effort to “proof, proof, proof!” And then “proof” everything again…and again! The goal of course was to find every error before the deadline—found most, not all. Therefore, I always appreciate it when someone sends me an email saying there’s a problem with my site, a typo in my blog or a glitch in my email. Most don’t do that because they assume that others will tell me or I’ll find out soon enough—not true. After it’s launched, the best and only feedback comes from you, my crazy, genius readers.

What if your video, or music, or website (or product, or service) had a flaw or glitch? Wouldn’t it be great if someone from your trusted tribe took a minute to send you a quick email pointing it out BEFORE it went too viral? As opposed to…well…saying nothing? (A good reason to keep growing your tribe.)

The President recently said, “We’re all in this together,” and love him or not, he’s right. Back in the day, if you noticed a typo or a glitch in someone’s website, or if a competitor or rival screwed up, it was easy to stand by and egoicly criticize or gloat, or simply not bother because we assumed “others” would point it out—or perhaps we just thought it wasn’t our place to say anything. Now, with things being so transparent (which is a good thing), instead of assuming others will speak up or take care of it, we have a profound opportunity to raise our level of consciousness, kick our integrity up a notch and watch out for each other, because we really are in this together.


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