If you’re a regular reader of my blogs & stories, you know I’m a huge advocate for artists & entrepreneurs. That’s because in my world they’re much the same. Perhaps you’re an artist who creates music, acts, paints, designs, writes, scores films, shoots pictures or lives backstage. OR you’re an entrepreneur who runs a corp, manifests a vision, launches a start up, leads a staff or makes tough (frightening) economic decisions. Either way, you both dwell in the land of uncertainty & risk, and you both have to use creativity & innovation to negotiate your way through it! That’s not all…
– A songwriter composes the music she hears in her head.
– An entrepreneur creates a vision for the future that he sees in his mind’s eye.
– A painter prepares a canvas for his next artistic expression.
– An entrepreneur prepares a PP presentation for her next keynote.
– A writer processes words that educate and entertain.
– An entrepreneur processes words that motivate and inspire.
– A singer nervously stands in front of his audience and shares his soul.
– An entrepreneur nervously stands in front of her shareholders and shares her vision.

Neither one would last long in a regular 9-5 job because both have a relentless Muse and an untamable creative spirit, that they simply MUST follow. And unlike others, A&E’s have a unique ability to devise, create, invent, fabricate, formulate, manifest and cook-up ways to make a buck. Not to mention their free-spirited nature and often cocky independence.
That said, if our economic world ever crashes, it will be the crazy, genius artists & entrepreneurs who will survive to inspire us and point the way out of the rubble and into the light.
Which one are you?

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