The heroic practice of standing alone, on your own two feet, and taking responsibility for your career in showbiz, independent of the opinions of others, is a courageous act that most people avoid like the plague. In fact, some would rather opt for the plague.

Not unlike the walking zombies in The Night Of The Living Dead, it’s much easier to follow everyone else in a hypnotic daze, down the futile path called, “I HOPE I make it someday,” chanting that infamous showbiz prayer, “Please God, make me rich and famous. If you do, I’ll build a home for wayward children.” It’s actually the path of least resistance, and the one with the least amount of personal accountability. It’s also (according to MapQuest), the longest possible route to career success and personal achievement in all of show business. So which road do you travel, Easy Street, or the Autonomy Highway?

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