With a brush full of sticky, gooey, messy wet paint, painters splat all their feelings and emotions onto the canvas. Then they coyly hang back and observe the reactions of others. Some praise the work and genius behind it, others rip it apart. And while the artist may feel the sting of any rejection, she also knows it really doesn’t matter. Because by the time all the votes are in, she’s already elbows-deep in the bucket again, splattering wet goo all over the next canvas. Then, once again she coyly hangs back to observe. Then it’s back to the bucket. The process will repeat itself ad infinitum.

Truth is, the “amateur” artist, whether a painter, a drummer or an entrepreneur, thrives on attention and needs constant reassurance. However, the “pro” is experienced and confident enough to know that not everyone will like her work. All she’s counting on is that eventually someone will find her work appealing enough, engaging enough and valuable enough to offer an equitable exchange; art for assets. Then, it’s back to the bucket.

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