The NBA season lasts 6-months. During that time there are 82 games played. A team must win approximately 40% of those games in order to make it to the playoffs. If you win the playoffs you become champion of the world.

— From the coach’s POV the intention is on winning the current game.
— From the player’s POV the intention is on the very next play.
— From the referee’s POV the intention is on playing by the rules.
— From the broadcaster’s POV the intention is on clear, precise, play-by-play analysis.
— From the advertiser’s POV the intention is on persuading, enticing and convincing the fans to buy their products.
— From the fan’s POV the intention is on winning the championship.

While it’s true that the goal of all participants is to win, as the head coach of your career, it’s also true that knowing the diverse POV and distinct intentions of your partners, bandmates, teammates, staff, agent, manager, producer or investors is an invaluable asset to achieving your goal and becoming a world class artist/entrepreneur.

“You don’t get better in games, you get better in practice” —Byron Scott, head coach, L.A. Lakers.

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