I met with a client the other day and he was talking about getting ready to shoot a segment of an extremely popular TV show, in which he landed a guest-starring role. I just happened to say, “when you walk on the set, why not be the best in the world?” We both laughed. But then we both looked at each other and said “wait, what are we laughing at? Why not walk on the set and be the best actor in the world for that role?” I said, “after all, when the casting director was looking for actors, she wasn’t looking for the 3rd best actor, or just a mediocre one, she was looking for the best actor she could find, in the group of head shots on her desk, who were available, and fit the character she was looking for. She was looking for the best in HER world! And she chose you!”

After the shoot I got a text from my client: “I killed it! I was the “best in the world” at my part!”

So if your world includes writing a certain genera of songs, why not be the best in that world? If your world includes creating a new product, why not go for being the best in that world? If you publish an online magazine, why settle for mediocre, when being the best in the world is available to you?

I know there’s a tendency to laugh when I say, “why not be the best in the world?” But really, why not? Are you working hard for 3rd best? Are you busting your tail for 5th best? Why not just lock doubt in the closet, and go for being the best in the world? After all, you are a crazy genius, right?

Here’s the big question: if you DID decide to go for being “the best in the world” what would you do differently?

“With limited time and so many options, everyone looks for the “best” choice, and the rewards of being first are enormous.” The Dip, Seth Godin

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