I was 29 when I started my first magazine. After my partner and I printed the first issue we literally ran to the newsstand at the corner of Hollywood Blvd. & Cahuenga and waited for people to buy it. Huh? No advanced email blast? No notification sent out to the tribe that we were coming? No tweets, no Facebook posts, no Google+ or Pinterest? Nope. My partner managed to get Music Connection in forty 7-11’s, newsstands and music stores throughout Los Angeles and we figured that that was enough exposure to get the company moving. So we waited…and waited…and waited. Until one by one music people would accidently bump into it and buy it. Took years to finally catch on and become “the most beloved music mag in the industry” (according to the L.A. Times). If we had had the ability to establish a tribe first, then build anticipation for our product BEFORE it even hit the stands…well, it would have taken a lot less time and effort.

Fortunately today the “connection revolution” provides the opportunity to build anticipation and excitement first, BEFORE your product ships. Just like movie previews, you have the opportunity to entice us with your new music BEFORE your record is even released, or better yet BEFORE airplay, even BEFORE your next gig! You have the opportunity to lure us in with excerpts from your new book BEFORE it’s published. And you have the opportunity to get our opinion or win our vote with your new forthcoming, worthwhile creative idea BEFORE it’s even financed.

If you start building and growing your tribe now, by the end of this year you could begin to tease the pallets of your fans and customers, tempt their salivary glands, and create a ravenous hunger for your “extraordinary pizza” BEFORE it’s even out of the oven!

By the way, the best pizza in the world is “Barones” in Sherman Oaks, California. Yummy!



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