I can only look at my own experience, and what provokes me to buy or share something. Truth is, while a media blitz may lead me to it, it certainly won’t provoke me to buy it, or share it. The hype or hypnosis of a media blitzkrieg has never swayed my vote.

That said, a barrage of publicity, or even a boatload of “likes” may certainly put a lot of eyes on your business, product or art. However, once the hoopla wears off and the true essence of your hard effort is reveled, the only thing that matters is: do your fans, clients and customers love it enough to share it, and need it enough to buy it? If not, then your strategic media blitz bombed.

Figure out a way to get your art to disseminate.
Figure out a way to extend your projects reach (beyond FB).
Figure out a way to get your clients and customers to refer your service.
Figure out a way to get your idea to spread. Projects that spread, win.

This matters because you’re an artist, an entrepreneur, and figuring things out is what you do best.

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