— Your work/life has hit a hardspot and repeating the same mechanical efforts over and over has caused you to lose focus.

— You’ve stopped creating something from nothing, and returned to producing the same o’l, same o’l.

— Excitement & enthusiasm about the future has been replaced with confusion and doubt.

— You’re beginning to expect failure and accept mediocrity.

— You’ve lost confidence in yourself.

— You’ve lost faith in the project.

— You’ve lost your way on the mountain.

— “You’ve lost that love’n feeling!”

These are all delightful excuses. However the trouble is, boredom leads to laziness, which leads to procrastination, which leads to apathy. And once you don’t care anymore it means you have forgotten, or worse yet abandoned the most important thing of all: What you’re committed to!

Once you reconnect, and remind yourself of that big, crazy, genius, impossible idea or vision you’re committed to, you won’t be bored anymore…you’ll be terrified!

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