At this time in my life, with every vow I make and every stand I take, I listen to my gut feelings, my intuition and my inner intelligence much more than I do common knowledge, popular opinion, or advice from people who have never experienced what ever it is I’m confronting. Sometimes I hit the jackpot, sometimes I don’t. However, here’s when I really pay close attention to the simple warnings of my “inner acumen”:

— When it says: “This is wrong!”
— When it says: “You’re in danger!”
— When it says: “Walk Away!”
— When it says: “Don’t eat that!”
— When it says: “Don’t sign that!”
— When it says: “You should help this person!”
— When it says: “Avoid this person!”
— When it says: “Call 911!”
— When it says: “Don’t Think!”

I also consult my inner intelligence after I have completely digested all the facts, OR when I have absolutely no facts to go on.

Important because “What a lover’s heart knows let no man’s brain dispute.” ―Aberjhani, poet.

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