The final 10 days of the year are mostly filled with edgy family, anxious friends, last minute shopping, binge eating and hectic travel. They’re also filled with a long “personal” list of what you still need to accomplish and complete before 12/31.

Here’s the upside: While others frantically run around at the last minute trying to do a million things at once, you manage to get through the madness barely unscathed. Why? Because you’re a multi-tasking pro! This is where you live every day of the year! On the edge, overwhelmed with unfinished projects, and overcome with huge career choices and mammoth business decisions—at the same time trying to figure out how to grow your following and make a buck—or another million of them.

If anyone can get through this time of year without freaking out, it’s you—a crazy, genius, independent, multi-talented, creative, genius artist/trep.

Let the others go nuts with last minute details, while you calmly go about “business as usual.”

Happy Holidays!

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