The Three Stooges that forever chase every artist & entrepreneur:

Don’t Choke:
Stand your inner ground and recall the 10,000 hrs. you’ve invested in your career. Trust the experiences you’ve had, honor the knowledge you’ve acquired, and have confidence in your talents, abilities & skills. No one can question the hard work you’ve put in, the people and projects that have benefited, and the rewards you’ve reaped so far.

Don’t Pause:
Distraction wants you to pause what you’re doing and give your attention over to something more mundane and less essential. Don’t Pause! Keep your two eyeballs on the ball, and your third eye on your impossible dream!

Don’t Flinch:
Reminder: Behind every great jaw-dropping success there’s an artist or entrepreneur who faced a difficult internal struggle at a critical moment of choice: Choose “Fortitude” and possibly become a legend. “Flinch” and possibly become an unexceptional footnote.

Important because when doubt takes center stage, and your insides are “shake’n like a leaf on a tree,” have faith in that deeper wisdom you’ve attained to help navigate the perplexing labyrinth you often unexpectedly find yourself entangled in.

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