The road to victory is besieged with so many distractions, so many ups and downs, and so many unpredictable twists and turns. And as crazy, genius artists & entrepreneurs we get irritated sooner, frustrated faster, distracted easier, and seduced off that road much quicker than others. Why? Because we’re a channel for a never-ending flow of exhausting creative thinking, and an outlet for an endless stream of big ideas and unlimited possibilities, constantly flowing through us 24/7. And while others frantically thumb through the rulebook of protocol, the pro artist & entrepreneur courageously defers to creativity, ingenuity and intuition to navigate the road of uncertainty. BUT IT ISN’T EASY! That’s exactly why artist & treps need more support than others. No kidding! We need people who we trust to remind us who we are and where we’re headed—so we can remain steadfast and inside the “zone.”

Important because our “circle of influence” is important…very important. We’re a unique tribe of independent, creative thinkers. And it’s empowering and motivating to have regular, deep conversations with other like-minded independent artists & entrepreneurs who are confronted with similar concerns, share similar goals, and experience similar angst. And if we can’t find any like-minded peers, then we need to manifest or create a regular, on-going conversation with a personal confident, mentor or experienced coach who understands the entrepreneurial angst we go thru, and has the audacity to consistently encourage us and point us in the right direction.

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