DON’T GIVE UP (Read time :037) Whether you’re a songwriter or a CEO, you don't have to quit, give up what you love, or crash your impossible dream, EVER! And screw any blogger, showbiz critic, self-proclaimed consultant or anyone who says otherwise! It’s not ALL about getting rich & famous. It’s about fulfilling your “dharma,” your purpose in life, and expressing it, sharing it and producing it for the benefit of others. That’s where the BIG payoff is. That’s where the juice and the nectar lives. That’s when sleep becomes a nuisance and the flow of ideas becomes unceasing. It’s about chucking the possible and going for the “impossible!” Why would anyone ever give up on that? The thing about quitting is that even though you try to convince yourself that you just can’t take it anymore, deep inside your soul it continues to gnaw at you. Frustration & despair eventually pass; however, quitting lingers a lifetime, because the truth cannot be ignored. One of my readers wrote: "Hell is having passed through this incarnation without having done what you were meant to do.” I agree. Never quit expressing, sharing and living your dharma, no matter what.
J Michael Dolan

DON’T GIVE UP (Read time :037)

Whether you’re a songwriter or a CEO, you don't have to quit, give up what you love, or crash your impossible dream, EVER! And screw any blogger, showbiz critic, self-proclaimed consultant or anyone who says otherwise!

It’s not ALL about getting rich & famous. It’s about fulfilling your “dharma,” your purpose in life, and expressing it, sharing it and producing it for the benefit of others. That’s where the BIG payoff is. That’s where the juice and the nectar lives. That’s when sleep becomes a nuisance and the flow of ideas becomes unceasing. It’s about chucking the possible and going for the “impossible!” Why would anyone ever give up on that?

The thing about quitting is that even though you try to convince yourself that you just can’t take it anymore, deep inside your soul it continues to gnaw at you. Frustration & despair eventually pass; however, quitting lingers a lifetime, because the truth cannot be ignored. One of my readers wrote: "Hell is having passed through this incarnation without having done what you were meant to do.” I agree. Never quit expressing, sharing and living your dharma, no matter what.


Posted By Kingvegas
Don't quit...
As I sit here contemplating a crossroads in my life I stumbled upon this post that I missed. I've hoed the musical row for 30 years and the dreams of 15 have become the disappointment and frustration of 45. I've also come to realize that virtually none of my peers have realized the aspirations of their youth and they are no more wise today regarding the path to success than they were then. Lately I've been seeking out new ideas, wisdom and mentors to help me to seek a more productive path. I feel like quitting but the desire to fulfill my vision gnaws at me and follows me around like a (hungry) lost puppy begging for attention. I soldier on and battle the doubts that I encounter in my head and in my ears. of f

Posted By Rich P
Don't Give Up
Happy Thanksgiving! Today, and this year, 2012, I am thankful for the internet! I am thankful for the founders of sites like Reverbnation and Linked In! These wonderful companies provide a platform, FREE, for musicians like reach out, initially, to the musical community, and then across the borders of time and space into the radios, televisions and computers throughout this world, and I'm sure the rest of the, oh so hip, universe! I've sent out between 1-2000 pr probes of one variety or another in the last couple of weeks.and still wrote the 'ballad of ballads''in my spare time'! I resolve, for Thanksgiving to work even harder to reach my goal..and to Liz Chaffee..forget about LA and get busy on the net!

Posted By Liz Chaffe
I always want to be rich from writing one great song..only because of what money can buy for a songwriter and I am frustrated because I am not rich nor am I famous. As you get older and things do not happen there can be a lack in purpose too because in L.A. no one really cares to listen and it's hard to get people out to shows, but the approach and the word dharma changes things a little. I will contemplate dharma now. I know the word hear it all the time but until reading your blog it didn't click for me. Thank you.

Posted By andy jones
my brother wrote a song about this
who says

Posted By Spunky Munkey
Right on, it's always forward and think how lucky musicians are these days, we're basically immortal, unless global warming floods the internet.

Posted By Andrew
Great Words
So that Lefsetz email pissed you off too? Love your stuff please keep doing what your doing Thanks!

Posted By Gunnar
Don't EVER quit
So true, as I live in HELL by not working or striving in the realms of my interests and true talents

Posted By Eric Giroux
your calling
AMEN Never ever, ever give up !!!

Posted By Kevin MacDowell
Don't Give Up
Michael, I love your blog more than any other! Your ability to distill a great nugget of truth into a minute, or often less, is cherished! I love your Dont Give Up entry! As an independent children's musician, sometimes I'm very well aware of my deficiencies in the business arena. But what I'm 100% certain that I DO have is stick-to-it-iveness! Thank you for reminding me how important that is!

Posted By Bjorn
Don`t give up
Thank you Michael!!! Through the last couple of weeks my head has been tormenting me with thoughts like; what`s the use - nobody cares anyhow and on and on. Then like magic you turn up with this article and I think you just saved my life!!! I think I had forgotten all about the dharma - so thanx from the bottom of my heart for kickstarting me again. And thanx also to all you wonderful posters who keep assureing me that I`m not all alone.

Posted By Jude
Don't Give Up
Thank you!! After reading a news-letter (which I think you may have read too which inspired you to write this) I got this weird feeling in my gut that maybe the writer was right, but I just couldn't and didn't want to believe it. Then this comes along and inspires to keep moving forward and stay connected with my muse. No matter how much money I make (if any at all) its about creativity and being who we are...Creative Beings! God Bless and Shine On

Posted By Randy
This is so crazy... two days ago I was on YouTube and stumbled onto the Peter Gabriel/Kate Bush song from 1986 -- "Don't Give Up". And now this is the title of your message. Hmmm.... both so very inspiring. Thanks!

Posted By Robin Stanley
Don't Ever Give Up
Very inspiring sentiments...quitting is admitting defeat. I take my small victories and savour them one at a time now. I try and ignore those that are standing in the way, interfering with my progress or other wise trying to hold me back from realizing my dream. They know nothing. That's success to me...

Posted By Charlie Tuitt
J Michael's Latest Blog Post
I just read your latest article and could not agree with you more.I am a dialysis patient and I also have MS, and I'm still plugging away at my music with my band The Carpenter Ants. Michael, I write a blog as well and would like to invite you to read me.We speak much of the same language...encouragement. You can check me out at "Standing In The Shadows Of Music." Thank you for all of your encouragement. Lovingly,Charlie Tee

Posted By Marissa Gomez
Don't ever quit!
LOVE YOU Michael!!

Posted By

Thanks michael - this is just what I Needed to read today :)

Posted By Michelee Benoit
I've been a very successful photographer in France for many years and I love your blogs. I want to tell you that the loss of film has not stopped me, digital cameras have not stopped me, smartphone cameras have not stopped me and Photoshop has not stopped me. I have embraced and welcomed all the challenges that have confronted my business and I will never quit.

Posted By Micah
Your words are almost Jesus to me.

Posted By Uncle Jim
Thanks! Rock your Dharma!
Big appreciation for your voice on not giving up and the true purpose of why we do what we do. There are so many voices both inside and outside our heads that your encouragement is very welcome! Peace, Uncle Jim

Posted By Art
Never give up
Thank you! I really really needed to read that. Many blessings to you and the entire tribe.

Posted By Bobby
Ur blog sept 17
Woke up - got outta bed - read your blog - it made me glad! I enjoy "positive" & "truth" - especially to Start the new day! Thanks

Posted By Kalistra
Don't Give Up!
I love the dharma of purpose and fulfilling our dreams. But the mania of no sleep may be the very demise of the dharma. Many inspirations arise from 'sleeping on it', having a true nighttime dream, or invoking the muse of dreaming for clarification and inspiration.

Posted By Rachel
Til breath and life remain...
Yesterday our band played all day for a fundraiser which raises money for a little boy with cancer. It was a sunny beautiful day, and I could hear my voice wafting all through the golf course where it was held. It is quite an experience to have your creation free flowing like that. Something in your soul is comforted...and yes, God, IS listening...Thank you Michael, for your kindness:-) Rachel

Posted By eric hansen
never, never give up....
...has been my motto for my entire career. I look at my life and realize I am living my dream and it's NOT about making shit loads of money. Although money is very useful and I would like more. I am at an intersting crossroads because I have a severe lung disease and I was recently near fatally ill. I'm not writing the way I wrote my first six CDs. It's hard to gig and I'm not traveling. I'm still making my living in music playing in church, still writing, teaching voice, gigging on occasion and amazingly enough, CD sales are still going. The years on the road are still paying off. I said I would reach the world one person at a time and I've reached and am still reaching people. My dream is alive

Posted By John Winn
Never Give up
My Dad's favorite phrase was "Don't be a quitter". I'm now 78 and doing some of my most satisfying song writing. My high notes aren't so high and my fingers are a bit less nimble but keepin' on sure beats the alternative. Write on Michael,right on.

Posted By Lori
Thank you for this...
Bravo, I'm gonna print this and hang it on my wall. What you describe here is also "belief that you have a destiny" in a way. If you really, truly believe you have a destiny, you walk toward it, yes? This clarification is good for me, since I hold a part-time day job in addition to being a mother (with all accompanying duties) and a singer/songwriter who just released my third CD (this time with the help of many good engineers & producers). This morning I was questioning my wisdom/lack of wisdom in all this (since what I just described above fits nobody else I know). This article helps me see "destiny" is the road, and that road is full of rocks and rocks thrown at me, but the road I HAVE to be on - DESTINY.

Posted By Cowboy Surfer
Don't Stop Believing...Hold on to that Feeling...
Okay...yep that was a Journey reference. It all comes down to how bad you want it. If you are willing to go through hell, then you might get to heaven. It's not the end of the world if you stop what you are doing and do something else. It just means that is what you were meant to do. It's no crime. But as long as you are trying to fulfill your dream then just remember this simple quote: "QUITTERS NEVER WIN AND WINNERS NEVER QUIT!" - Good luck

Posted By Mike Pinera
Michael, As usual you say what I need to hear when I need to hear it. My group Classic Rock All-Stars has worked fairs, festivals, corporate, non-stop for the past 20 years. Each member is a well known, hit, recording artist. Suddenly one member passes away, the other becomes a victim of dementia, the third member quits. I have put another band like this together. The booking agency went country so I started looking around. Even with a spotless track record, no agent responded. "The economy" "the tribute bands play so cheap..." Not being one of those "dialing for dollars" kinds of guys I compose, record and network. Reading your words never fail to inspire me. Thank you Michael. We will keep the faith.

Posted By Leopold Nunan
so inspiring!
This is a lesson of life! Thanks for the words, it's always so refreshing to read your stuff! Makes want to wake up early tomorrow, monday! haaaaa! to make music! <3

Posted By Aaron Wolfson
Be Cause
There are only two conditions in life: Cause and Effect. And, since there is only one eternal Universe, that means there is only one condition in life: Cause. There is only one Creator in the universe, and we are all a part of the creator. Therefore, we are also creating things in a desirable, knowing way or not. Being aware of being Cause is "knowing cause." Being unaware of being Cause is "unknowing cause;" also known as effect. Choose to create good things, and cause good experiences. Choose to be Cause.

Posted By Withheld
a dozen years ago
...I plunged and swam to the surface quite nicely. I never told anyone or publicize my new never tried before design business except for my husband who said he thought I was crazy but supported my dream. I agree that sleep was a nuisance and so was going to the bathroom. I worked like my life depended on it - sometimes sleeping a couple of hours. It didn't kill me and it made me stronger. I knew nay sayers would be plentiful and money would come if I was successful. I am glad I was right and even though I could retire now because of the bad economy, something would "gnaw" at me, if I was not creating or making money. Thank you Michael - I won't quit yet.

Posted By joe
don't give up
michael thank you.. my kind of article.. amen.. I will remain a jazz musician here in switzerland even though in this small pond all the little fish ignore the big real fish.. ah well, leave them to their dream to front the swiss jazz scene even though most don't have it in their blood.. so even if i'm stuck playing with accompaniment CDs for the rest of my life I'm going to stay the course.. I will know where i made it to even if nobody else will.. at least i can play to the cosmos.. is God listening?

Posted By Rami
Never Stop!
This is SO true!!! It is more important to be who you are (by doing what you are) than to make millions. Not that I'm against making millions. But sometimes you have to make less than you thought you would. But better to make SOME money doing what you love than making MORE money at something you hate. Do the latter and "It" will slowly eat away at you until "It" eats you alive. Is that Success? I think not. Never quit on yourself!

Posted By Robbie
Dream is alive!
Yes! Don't listen to external OR internal voices telling you to quit! You truly know your calling--and you know if you have talent, if you are honest with yourself. True, I thought I would be a bigger, better paid talent. But I didn't quit. And now I make a very decent living songwriting and singing with my guitar --- solo and with others. I would die young if I were at a desk somewhere. And my dream is alive!

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• When UR Best Effort Fails (Read time 0:29)
• STEEP CLIMB (Read time 0:27)
• SILENCE OF CHAMPIONS (Read time 1:13)
• WHY IT’S NOT WORKING (Read time 0:31)
• THE BUCK STOPS HERE (Read time 0:51)
• WE ALREADY TRIED THAT (Read Time 0:29)
• CHOOSE ONE (Read time 1:09)
• LEGWORK (Read time 0:15)
• ARTISTS vs. ENTREPRENEURS (Read time 1:03)
• 5-YEAR SURPRISE! (Read time 0:43)
• MID-YEAR TO DO LIST (Read time 0:53)
• ALL IN (Read time 0:33)
• WHAT IF NOTHING CHANGES? (Read time 0:21)
• WADDA JACKASS! (Read time 1:07)
• WHAT ARE U SO AFRAID OF? (Read time 0:57)
• DON’T THINK! (Read time :31)
• Why incumbents rarely invent the future (Read time 1:13)
• THE BOX (Read time 0:33)
• STAND UP IN THE BOAT! (Read time 0:27)
• YOU’RE DREAM’N! (Read time 0:57)
• KNOWING (Read time 0:33)
• CONCEALED CONCERNS (Read time 0:47)
• TAMING THE $$$ BEAST (Read time 1:17)
• FAKING IT (Read time 0:17)
• STAYING POWER (Read time 0:47)
• 0:20 SECONDS OF INSANE COURAGE (Read time 0:51)
• GRASS (Read time 0:41)
• I'LL DO ANYTHING BUT THAT! (Read time 0:47)
• ASS ON THE LINE (Read time 1:37)
• MARKETING BLUES (Read time 0:47)
• THE LONG RUN (Read time 0:39)
• THE RACER'S EDGE (Read time 0:41)
• NO WAY NO HOW! (Read time 0:27)
• THE SMART MONEY (Read time 0:25)
• YOU’RE CRAZY! (Read time 1:19)
• NO DOUBT (Read time 1:17)

2011 Posts:
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• STOPPED BY CALAMITY (read time 1:37)
• ART (read time :57)
• AUDACIOUS & UNSTOPPABLE (read time 2:37)
• WRITERS BLOCK (read time 1:47)
• BLOW AWAY DISTRACTIONS (read time :31)
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• READY, SET, GO! (read time :47)
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• KEEP YOUR FEET UP! (read time 1:09)
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• THE STING OF REJECTION (read time 1:13)
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