Confidence Is Everything. It trumps experience, rivals talent and beats the beans out of a good education. So what you’re broke, who cares you’re buried in responsibilities, big deal you failed before. You’re an artist, an entrepreneur for pity sake! This is the life you’ve chosen, this is your destiny!

Take a good long look at your career. You’re either living your dream, working on it and making progress, or stalled on the sidelines. Either way, ask yourself this: What If Nothing Changes? What if your current circumstances remain the way they are, and nothing changes?

It’s time to call forth the warrior of confidence that dwells within you, and once and for all confront and defeat the six most relentless enemies who hide in the (inner) shadows of every artist and entrepreneur, and who are hell bent to destroy your confidence and invade your work:
– The Persistent Procrastinator who slows your progress
– The Relentless Resistor who stalls your choices and decisions
– The Taunting Doubter who questions and demeans your talents and abilities
– The Constant Distracter who robs you of your focus and attention
– The Vicious Saboteur who heartlessly derails your dreams and visions

Which enemy are you currently fighting? Which ones have you defeated? Keep in mind that every successful artist and entrepreneur fight the same inner enemies you do. They just do what needs to be done—they do the work.

From this very moment forward you have a unique opportunity to stand tall with the sword of confidence in one hand and the flag of victory in the other and proclaim that which is rightfully yours; the life of your dreams! Not magically, but intelligently—simply by doing that which needs to be done. You’re an entrepreneur, go manifest something that makes a difference! You’re an artist, inspire us all with your profound gift of creativity! Just never stop working on your impossible dream…no matter what.

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