When to share your brilliant idea:
Never at the beginning stage: Asking others what they think of your great idea, while it’s still just an idea, is like asking for permission to be excused. It’s the perfect catalyst for procrastinating, a great justification for shelving and a wide-open back door out of the project.

Never at the developing stage: Asking others what they think of your emergent project while you’re right in the middle of producing it, constructing it, writing it or crafting it is a setup for creative disaster!

Always at the finishing stage: Welcoming suggestions (even hiring a consultant) when you are deep into the final stages of your project can be enlightening, inspirational, informative and revealing. It’s a way of shinning a bright light into those areas of the project that you may have overlooked or you just couldn’t see.

Important because everyone has an opinion on everything, and for the most part we can’t wait to give ours.

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