Used to be “trickle down coercion” was what motivated us to spend money and buy stuff. We were force-fed mega advertising from the top down until we finally gave in and bought the product; whether it was a lame record or a Ford Explorer. Not anymore. Now it goes the other way…from the bottom UP!

Thanks to Internet transparency, the concept of “truth in advertising” has finally become a reality. And if your followers, fans and loyal tribe of customers discover that your product or service is absolutely jaw-dropping, then they will spread the word faster than a 30-second media spot. Truth is, if you’re not stomping all over the old, worn out, antique methods of marketing your products and promoting your art, and if you, as the leader of your world, are not willing to transform your thinking from “what’s in it for me,” to “what’s in it for all,” then you’re going to always be barely making it, and forever struggling to keep up.

If you want to make a decent living selling your art, you need to focus your energy on dancing with your devotees.

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