Most of us artists & treps are always searching for deeper truth and honesty wherever we can find it. Not only from our leaders, but also in our art, our business and our careers. Genuineness and authenticity are paramount when you’re running a business, building an empire, or creating something from nothing. And it’s a struggle to find conversations that are free from the continuous hypnotic blather of gossip, rumor, hearsay and drama of the day.

That said, back in the day when I felt like I was being eaten alive by the hoopla of Hollywood, I always found someone to take a deep dive into a bigger conversation with; a mate, a friend, certain employees, certain clients. For me it’s like a drug. I need the fix of a deeper exchange or I’m out of balance—out of whack. I try to surround myself with friends that need the same drug, who prefer more stimulating dialog. I even build in weekly chats with enlightened, transformed associates, colleagues and clients who need the same fix.

Important because I’m afraid if we don’t have a deeper discourse on a regular basis, with like-minded cronies, free from the distraction of everyday, commonplace chinwagging, we can easily lose touch with our dharma, our purpose, what we’re really committed to and what we are capable of achieving.

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