I know you want it all to turn out a certain way. Me too. I especially want it to go my way—so I can claim the prize that’s waiting at the end. When I was a big cheese CEO, I claimed a lot of prizes, but they were at the expense of a hidden agenda called “I’m right!” What a bunch of BS! All being right & rigid did was eliminate a billion other options! Took me lifetimes of “inner” work to finally discover that once you get stuck in, “it must turn out my way,” you’ve just eliminated every other way it could possibly turn out! Some think that imposing a righteous, ironclad position creates a sense of strength and power, however that’s an o’l worn out, fossilized strategy. All that does is create a sense of fear in others, and lures you into a trap with few choices. Remaining detached from the outcome and open to ALL options automatically enters you into a lottery of unlimited possibilities. Not like a game of chance, more like a way of being.

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