The awesome wife has this thing about pushing through the barriers no matter what—doesn’t matter if they’re material or emotional. Her philosophy: “don’t think, just go!” Best analogy I can think of is the time we were visiting friends who live behind those big opulent estate gates that you need a pass code to get in. The car in front of us had already passed through, and the gate was just beginning to close when the awesome wife insisted, “Go! Go! Go!” While I was flooring it, I’m thinking, “Huh? what if the gate closes on us?” Another time just recently, I was offered an opportunity to lead a seminar back east for a group of showbiz entrepreneurs. While I was questioning & doubting if I should do it or not, T.A.W. came up and whispered in my ear “Go! Go! Go!” It’s like when the window opens, jump! And when the big opulent estate gates of opportunity swing wide and invite you in, “GUN IT!”

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