It doesn’t matter if you’re Ann Hathaway, GaGa or Jordan Peele. The doubt of making it and the fear of blowing it ferociously nip at the heels of every pro artist and entrepreneur like hungry wolves. Just listen closely when world class artists give their heartfelt, teary-eyed, lip-quivering award speeches. In those speeches, we hear a person who heard the wolves of doubt and fear growling between their ears but didn’t listen. Instead they remained steadfast and committed to their dream and took hold of their own power to achieve it.

Important because this is what I know for sure (and you do too): at this very moment, we can muzzle the wolves and regain our confidence. At any moment we can turn our fractured thinking around, which in turn will always alter our circumstances. There never was a moment, and never will be, when we are without the power to shift our POV and change our reaction to our anxious, unsettled, disconcerting thoughts.

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