Some interruptions are necessary, some pauses are helpful, and an unexpected break in our routine can be valuable. However, some other disruptions really suck! Like career setbacks, money loss, project flops, personal heartbreaks, pandemics, politics, media overwhelm, etc. And getting our motor running again, at top performance, during a dramatic, drawn-out slowdown can be an effort. Why? Because the brute called “mayhem” will keep you wallowing in the mire, and the thug called “resistance” will stop at nothing to prevent you from doing anything about it!

Important because if you can just get your head on straight and remind yourself what is most important to you, and reconnect with whatever it is you are committed to, then your ability to navigate the mayhem becomes effortless, and your resolve to push through resistance becomes ruthless. Once that happens, getting back in the groove becomes exhilarating…actually intoxicating…actually “heady!” And if you’re really smart, the choices and decisions you make during your big “slowdown” should actually put you further down the road than you were before. Why? Because you’re not starting from the beginning, you’re starting from HERE.

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