In their bestselling books, Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, and Meta Human by Deepak Chopra, both authors scientifically and philosophically demonstrate the fact that we already (unconsciously) know the answers to the most challenging questions the instant they show up. It doesn’t matter if it’s which agent to sign with, which drum set to buy, or wether or not we should reach out or hook up with a certain individual (or group). The instant the challenge, concern or question is presented, in a blink, the answer is already standing at attention right next to it.

Like that time when you were young someone said: “If you get stuck on an exam question go with the very first answer that popped in your head.”

Problem is, at that instant, when the first answer pops in our head we flinch! Then the fog rolls in, and doubt quickly clouds over the blink of truth. Often followed by either vacillation or procrastination. The challenge is to remain awake, aware and vigilant enough to recognize the blink and catch it before the fog rolls in!

Important because since the blink of truth is coming from your heart it’s always there, 24/7 waiting to be discovered and put to use. And once you see it the first time, you’ll always know where to look for it the next time.

Bonus Track: Legendary producer Rick Rubin gives this notion a different spin: He says flip a coin! If you’re at an impasse between two choices and you’ve honestly looked at every possible, conceivable outcome, and you still can’t decide which way to go, flip a coin! When the coin is spinning in the air, you’ll likely notice a quiet preference or wish for one of the two to come up. In these few seconds which are you rooting for? This is the option to go with. It’s the one the heart desires. The choice is over before the coin ever lands!

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