The ground is dependable. That’s why we need to stand our ground, even when the ground starts shaking. Here’s how to tell if you’re grounded:

— You’re grounded if you consistently remain ruthlessly committed to your dream, your goal and your mission, even when petty distractions try to tempt you off course.

— You’re grounded if you can actually make smart, well thought out choices and decisions, even if they are last minute.

— You’re grounded if things are progressing, moving forward and getting accomplished—even if it’s a slow evolution.

— You’re grounded if you’re making enough to keep your world financed—even if it’s just enough.

Important because grounded doesn’t mean set, stuck or resolute. What it means is that you’re in touch with reality, even when things seem unreal, and you’re able to intelligently navigate the chutes & ladders that come your way, even when there are more chutes than ladders.

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