— You can blame the lagging effectiveness of your brilliant marketing strategy on the over-saturation of your audience, and the over-population of social media, but that shouldn’t stop you from shifting gears and inventing a new strategy from the pool of unlimited possibilities.

— You can point to the economy, curse technology and blame the pandemic for the decline of your project or business, but that’s not going to help grow your company or make you a better CEO.

— You can belittle your crew, berate your audience and blame yourself, but that wont make you a better communicator or thought leader.

— You can criticize the current explosive transformation of the entire entertainment industry for rejecting your art, your talent, or your brilliant ideas, but that’s not going to make you a better artist or a smarter entrepreneur.

Important because after your howlin’ is done and the moon has set, the sooner you refocus your attention on what is truly wanted & needed, the better.

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