It’s a powerful honest statement. No one will think less of you for saying it. It’s a statement that shows your willingness not to get stuck in a righteous standoff. It’s a statement that suggests that you’re still mulling something over and trying to get to the heart of the matter. In fact, it’s a state of mind that we should stand in most of the time.

If you were sure, it would mean you played it safe and followed the rules of predictable protocol.

If you were sure, then you probably weren’t creating something unique, or making a risky choice that could take you further along.

If you were sure, then your expectation for a specific result would be fixed, with no chance for any other outcome.

Important because a pro artist or entrepreneur is never sure, about anything. Doesn’t matter if you’re composing music, writing a script, shooting a video, writing a book, standing on stage or making risky decisions for your business. “Surety” is yet another obstacle to greatness. And when we remain willfully and confidently unsure of the outcome, that leaves us wide open to unseen and unlimited possibilities. Not like living in doubt, more like leaving the door open so that opportunity doesn’t even have to knock.

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