Back in the day, my employees & staffers would always remind me:
“The industry slows down this time of year, Michael.”
“No one is taking calls or meetings, Michael.”
“Budgets are maxed out, Michael.”
“We should think about taking time off too, Michael.”

I went along with it, but I never bought it. Why was my world still humm’n while other showbiz companies were supposedly zzzzz’n? And the ones who loved the holidays the most? The evil twins, Distraction & Procrastination! Screw them! Those days are history! The industry has morphed, technology rules, and the world is now open for biz 24/7/365! Truth is, my Muse doesn’t own a calendar and could care less what season it is. Of course I honor the spiritual significance of the holidays, and you bet I enjoy celebrating with friends and family. In fact, this is my favorite time of year; Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my birthday in January! However, for the professional artist & entrepreneur, the non-stop stream’n download of ideas, inspirations, brainstorms, and sudden bursts of intuition never take a holiday. Others may accuse you of being a workaholic, or question why you’re constantly jotting notes, or taking pics, or recording memos, or checking your web stats, or drawing silly shapes on a stinky napkin. That’s because they don’t get it! They’re the same ones who ask, “where did you get that great idea?” “How did you come up with those lyrics?” “What possessed you to start your own business?” The pros know it’s not them, it’s their Muse that’s work’n overtime!

Just like “Pilot Season,” the holidays are an annual initiative—and the crazy, genius, creative types will go with the flow and enjoy the festivities right along with everyone else. However, deep down inside, unbeknownst to anyone, the pro artist and the seasoned entrepreneur know that the light bulb over their head is always on, and the floodgates of unlimited possibilities are always open. Plus, the idea of “cooling the flame” simply because it’s the last page of the calendar is an insult to their revered creative spirit.

It’s crucial to honor our chosen spiritual path and celebrate the holidays together. However, lest we forget, it’s because of the crazy creative genius that we enjoy spectacular entertainment, outrageous presentations, remarkable movies, unforgettable music, and extraordinary heartfelt holiday memories!

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