Of course it’s about the journey!

But “The Journey” sounds like a Sunday drive in the park, a pleasant Hawaiian holiday, or cruising up Highway 1 with the top down, listening to “Panama!”

That popular comment is usually made after someone slams into brick wall and a supportive friend tenderly says, “don’t forget, it’s all about the journey!” 

Why don’t they say the truth? “Don’t forget, it’s all about the bumpy Jeep ride through the forbidden jungle of doom!” Or, “it’s all about the rubber raft ride up the root canal.” Or better said, “it’s all about a glorious quest, fighting an unbeatable foe, and dreaming an impossible dream!”

Important because while “the journey” promises an experience, which promises a boost in knowledge and wisdom, a “glorious quest” promises adventure, achievement, and a march into hell for a heavenly cause…no matter how hopeless, no matter how far!

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