Artists & Treps thrive on feedback! And when you open your world to your fans, followers and customers, and invite them to review and critique your work, you’re opening yourself up to growth. They become your partners, your allies, your PR firm, your devoted evangelists, and your bread & butter. Being part of a tribe is in our DNA. Whether it’s the girl scouts, a rock band, your loyal fans, or steady clients, being part of something important is good for the soul. And once you have established a “personal” connection with your tribe, it becomes a very powerful relationship—one of trust, prosperity and growth. And once your tribe finally begins to trust you (and your work), their comments, their sharing, their patronage and their applause become the very reason you do what you do.

“My new album was written with the energy I get from my fans. They protect me, so now it’s my destiny to protect them, and make them top priority.” ―Lady Gaga

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