I used to be pretty good at knee-jerking a quick answer. I could flower up a response and snap it off before you could catch your breath. However, I don’t want to be good at that anymore. Maybe back in the day when I was CEO of MC Inc., when I was making my bones and building my world, I thought I had something to prove. Not anymore, especially if it doesn’t serve somebody. I want to be good at pausing and thinking through a challenge, doing the deep research and consulting others before I give away my decision or choose too fast.

Important because show business and life are now moving at nearly the speed of thought. And I welcome and embrace that notion, along with all the opportunities that come with it. However, these days, I think that moving at the speed of “forethought,” and taking just a little more time to get it right, is better than shooting a blind arrow. Especially when it comes to growing and enriching our awesome, crazy, genius, independent, creative life.

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