Back in the day when “print media” was king, my partner and I used to seduce NEW customers by giving them perks: “Subscribe now and get two months FREE! Or “Buy a 1-year sub and get a free t-shirt, or coffee mug.” Today it’s all about rewarding “the regulars,” your devoted fans, repeat customers, regular clients, and loyal followers. They’re all you’ve got! No one is more important than your devotees. They’re your lifeblood. They are the reason you can make a buck doing what you love to do. And if what you do continues to blow them away, time after time, they will evangelize on your behalf and follow you forever.

— Give your faithful followers a worthwhile reason to give you their time.
— Give them a sensible reason to give you their money.
— Show them the benefits of subscribing to your world.
— Stay in constant communication with them.
— Don’t rely on social media alone. Email them regularly and invite them to your Site.
— Give them extra. Offer them more. Deliver customer service above and beyond.
— Prove the jaw-dropping greatness of your work.
— Use your art & commerce to inspire & serve.

And most of all don’t be afraid to step out onto the skinny branches and give your devoted fans, repeat customers and regular clients the very best of who you are…along with a t-shirt and a coffee mug!

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