The 2003 film was a commercial success, grossing almost $120 million from a budget of only $4 million. It also won director Sofia Coppola an Academy Award for “Best Original Screenplay.” An extraordinary script, which told the story of two people on the road to somewhere, seduced onto the road called uncertainty. An extremely familiar scenario for the pro artist & entrepreneur.

The road to victory is besieged with so many distractions, so may ups & downs, and so many unpredictable twists & turns. And as crazy, genius A&E’s, we get irritated sooner, frustrated faster, distracted constantly, and seduced off that road much quicker that others. Why? Because we’re a channel for a never-ending flow of exhausting creative thinking, and an outlet for an annoying stream of wild ideas & unlimited possibilities, constantly flowing through us 24/7. And while others frantically thumb through the rulebook of protocol, the pro artist & entrepreneur courageously defer to creativity, ingenuity and intuition to navigate the road of uncertainty. BUT IT ISN’T EASY!

That’s exactly why artist & treps need more support than others. No kidding! We need people who we trust to remind us who we are and where we’re headed—so we can remain steadfast, inside the “zone.” Heck, we often need an entire “support team” to keep us focused and on purpose!

Truth is, whether it’s one person or two, or whether it’s a friend, family member or a monthly visit with a private coach—we just need trustworthy people who know the very “best of us,” what we’re really capable of, and have the audacity to consistently encourage us and point us in the right direction. And what do WE need to do? Trust them.

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