The madness is that free-flowing, non-stop stream of ideas, brainstorms, videos, melodies, rhymes, beats, money-making schemes and bright ideas that flow in directly from the divine ethos and invade the sacred space between your ears. It’s a constant download of creative inspiration that has never stopped and never will! Others don’t have it. It’s reserved for creative “right brained” thinkers like you. Consider it a gift from God—she must think you deserve it.

Truth is, most folks get distracted by the stream and allow the madness to invade their daily goals and objectives—that could be the reason they make so little progress. However, the game is not to stop the streaming download, the game is to manage it.

Here are 3-things I do:

How to prioritize when everything is #1:
Divide your daily list into Urgent, Essential and Constant. If you’re ruthless and disciplined about this, it becomes obvious where to put your focus.

Focus on one thing:
It’s a skill that all pro artists & treps must eventually master. Kinda like when you’re in front of an audience (or camera), or pitching investors, or writing dialogue. Kinda like when you’re so lost in the creative zone nothing else exists—because your focus is so fixed. You know where that zone is, right?

Use the tools:
I always set a timer for 2-hours when I’m working on a book. During that time nothing else is allowed to enter my space. During that time my focus is either on writing, research, editing or even staring out the window searching for a thought. Point is, I’ve committed that 2-hours to a specific project. To the degree I keep my word, to that degree I’ll be that much closer to completion.

Hope this helps.

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