You’re not alone. Many clients come to me after the record is made, the script is written, the site is launched or the business is up-and-running and ask, “Now what? How can I get my awesome, worthwhile project in front of millions of people?” At that point we work together (often against the clock) to create an aggressive, strategic (internet) marketing plan, OR begin to assemble the right team of pros and experts in order to achieve the intended results. However don’t you agree that that’s like cooking all the food in the restaurant before the customers are seated at the table? At a time when we have the entire known universe in the palm of our hand, along with the opportunity to connect with fans and customers across the country and around the world, not to mention more marketing options then ever before in the history of trade, you’d think we’d really want to allocate a little time each day to click around the Net and learn how others are brilliantly marketing their products and services. After all, the “others” have the same concerns and doubts that you do. And the truth is, while some are still resisting Apples & Androids, many have begun to figure out that the new world of “techno-marketing” is not only a very user-friendly one, it’s also very effective in getting your worthwhile work into the hands of the people that matter.

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