Reminder: The enemy is not our bank account, our timeline, or the unreliable, cantankerous people we work with. Those are external circumstances that can be worked out, untangled and negotiated.

The enemy is that relentless chatter between our ears, which constantly questions and doubts every step we take, every thought we think and every choice we make, often to the point of mental exhaustion. Not so much like the voice of doom, more like a continuous streaming download of what-if’s, what-for’s, why-not’s, and how to’s.

Important because unlike other enemies, the way to win over this one is to not resist at all! Not like Gandhi, more like constantly shifting your focus back toward your work, the work you love to do, the work you were born to do. And to the degree you can keep re-focusing your attention back to the task of the moment, to that degree the chatter will subside. Swami Muktananda said: “The purpose of your mind is to question and doubt everything, allow your mind to do its job, while you give all your attention to doing yours.”

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