Alas, we are doomed! Doomed to work and interact with showbiz morons for the rest of our lives. Why? Because our awesome industry is filled with them: moron agents, moron actors, moron writers, moron musicians, moron editors, moron producers, moron publishers, moron attorneys, moron staffers, moron employees, moron bloggers…

Question is, why do you continuously work with, and put up with the pettiness of morons at such an emotional, physical and monetary cost to you? And it’s absolutely moronic to use the incompetence of others as an excuse for why it’s taking so long for you or your project to advance: “I’d be much further down the road if it wasn’t for those morons!” Huh?

Heck, we even allow morons to dictate what songs are the best, what movies are the best, which artists are the best, who gets into the hall of fame, and what to wear to the Grammys!

Important because thank God we get to work with brilliant people too. People who are grounded, not flighty. Pros who are confident, not cocky. Team players who are committed to more for us, not more for me. And while the morons we work with slow us down, the smart people we work with raise us up, and elevate our game.

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