I’m reminded of this every single day of my life, and I have a hunch that you are too:

I don’t always know what direction to take. However, I also can’t just stand there at the crossroads, frozen in doubt, waiting and hoping that someone will come by and tell me which way to go. NO ONE’S COMING! Why? Because I chose the road less traveled! Because I intentionally chose a life of independence, free from others telling me which way to go. Because back in the day, I puffed up all the cocky confidence I could muster, and I intentionally decided to forgo the job market and forge my own career in show business. It was a very personal choice. And whether it was Divine intervention, parental influence, or both, I’m forever grateful that I was inwardly guided in this direction.

Sometimes I forget that I was a 19 yr. old kid when I made that choice, and occasionally I question my decision. However, I have never ever regretted it—even during those confusing times of frustration and doubt.

Reminder to self: Everything in my life is a result of the choices I make. If I want different results, I need to make different choices.

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