One of the blogs I regularly follow is Mitch Joel’s Six Pixels Of Separation. He writes mostly about technology, marketing and business. Mitch talks about the fact that finally, we live in a day and age when individuals, from a very young age, can start a business, build something formidable, and literally change the world. And it’s not just software any more. Thanks to technology we can start our own record company, publish our own books, invent and develop our own products and build our own empires. It has become a “learn as you grow” world.

In a recent blog, Mitch included a 40-minute video from one of the other bloggers I regularly follow, Seth Godin. In the video, Seth is speaking at a conference called “Nearly Impossible.” It’s an annual conference held in New York and San Francisco. The event is for small companies that provide a service or make physical products. And while you may not think that applies to you, I suggest that you watch the video with your “nearly impossible” project in mind. Enjoy the video.

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