I’ve been fortunate to see Billy Joel perform many times in many different arenas and venues over the years. Billy has always been a profound influence on me and my own fledgling piano playing, and his lyrics have always resonated with whatever was going on in my life at the time. That’s what great songs, books, blogs, poetry and scripts do; they cut in deep, and go right to the core—and remind us of who we are, and what we’re committed to.

Anyway, in each of his live performances the one thing Billy did that was consistent, the one thing you could always count on, and the one small thing he would do that I always eagerly anticipated, was at the end of every show, just after he finished his third or fourth encore with the rousing tune “Piano Man,” Billy would jog to center stage and leave the same parting message:

“Thank you so much everybody! Good Night! AND DON’T TAKE ANY SHIT FROM ANYBODY!”

The crowed would roar, the lights would go up, and we all left the arena feeling a little more “cocky” then when we walked in.

That said, what parting gem do you leave your fans, followers and customers with? After they use your service, buy your product, read your book, watch your movie, listen to your music, or subscribe to your world, what extra “lift” do you give them that causes them to want more, reminds them of what’s essential, “inspires” them, and provokes them to share your work (with their tribe)?

I think that given we’re all in the throes of an often confusing, somewhat concerning “cultural revolution,” perhaps it’s a good idea to give some thought to creating a simple, yet profound “take away.” An inspiring statement, a significant slogan, or a perceptive, provocative proclamation that becomes your decree, or your “uplifting” parting signature. A declaration for your fans, followers, and customers to consider and anticipate, with each and every offering you produce.

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