1. Your time is so precious. Why waste it on “rechecking” emails, hourly hits of world news, and petty Facebook blather?

2. You may not be able to prove your project will work, but you can KNOW it! And the manner in which you articulate that KNOWING may be the only convincing “pitch” that sells it.

3. Every artist & trep fights the same enemies: doubt, uncertainty, rejection and failure. And even though no one likes these traits, the difference is, pros take it in stride. Amateurs take it personally.

4. Confidence Is Everything. It trumps experience, rivals talent and beats the beans out of a good education.

5. Great work is not created out of a “common” formula. It’s actually created out of an “absence of formula.”

6. Don’t allow the adverse influence of others to seduce you away from your own personal inner truth.

7. Sadly, there are plenty of folks who still think the game called “More For Me” is real.

8. If procrastination couldn’t be ass-kicked, there would be no Van Gogh, no Beatles, and no Zuckerberg.

9. While others remain confused about the economy and anxious about the future, the pros are busy growing their company, designing new products, upgrading their websites, composing great music, writing inspiring screenplays, and investing in exciting new ventures.

10. Be smart. Do the due diligence. Do the homework. Do the research. Practice, practice, practice!

This is not the time to hold back—it’s the time to get busy, get sweaty, jump in the mud and get filthy, grimy dirt under your fingernails. These are the days of the creative artist and the fearless entrepreneur. This is YOUR time! Follow your crazy, creative spirit in the direction IT wants to go—it already knows instinctively the best route to take!

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