Suddenly, without warning, we’re in the fourth quarter of the game and there’s only 133-days left in 2022! And some artists & treps I know have had a boom’n year so far! For others, it’s been a bust (so far).

And although the fourth quarter of the game always taunts us with so many more frustrating breakdowns, foul-ups, time-outs and challenges, it’s also an opportunity to adjust focus, change-up strategy, and re-commit to that which you say matters most to you. That’s a good insight to remember!

Here’s another good insight: Given my decades long publishing career, I always work better when there’s a deadline in front of me. If not an actual deadline then a big desire. A desire exciting and worthy enough to pull me forward. And like you, I always have an idea, a project, or a dream sitting on the back burner just waiting for a spark of motivation, to ignite a fire of desire, that is powerful enough to pull me out of my head and motivate me into action!

Important because here’s how to start a fire of desire using a simple timeless method that actually works: Take a sheet of yellow legal foolscap, and on one side only, quickly scribble down what you are honestly committed to completing or achieving by the end of this year (don’t think just write). Then quickly scribble down exactly what you want the end result to look like. Then quickly scribble down what it will actually feel like when you achieve that goal. Then scotch tape it where you’ll see it every day. Of course I’d rather just type it in my iPhone, but I gotta tell ya, seeing it taped to the wall in my scribbled handwriting causes it to shout at me! Which causes me to snap out of it and stay focused! Try it! Then email me at the end of the year and let me know how it all worked out!  Happy New year!

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