I think artists & entrepreneurs are better equipped to endure the beast of the mind, simply because A&E’s live in a continuous world of uncertainty, and “doubt” is embedded in their DNA. I learned early as an artist, later as an entrepreneur that hanging out between my ears was not only detrimental to my art and threatening to my business, it also clouded my thinking, stunted my career growth, stalled my decisions, and thwarted my best ideas & intentions. Fortunately, I survived the showbiz gauntlet and ultimately succeeded in manifesting success on my own terms. However, the truth is, I was saved by books, seminars, workshops, yoga, a few true gurus, a busload of swamis & sages, and 28-years of continuous daily meditation. Hanging out in India didn’t hurt either. Hopefully YOU don’t have to walk barefoot across hot coals to come to the realization that the true goal in life (or your creative career) is to be totally OUT OF YOUR MIND!

In Your Mind: The relentless critic restlessly dwells
Out Of Your Mind: The creative muse patiently waits

In Your Mind: A distracting mumbo-jumbo of gossip & hearsay
Out Of Your Mind: The bare naked truth

In Your Mind: Fear & Resistance
Out Of Your Mind: Adventure & Anticipation

In Your Mind: Limited Answers
Out Of Your Mind: Endless Possibilities

Swami Muktananda once said:
“The purpose of your mind is to question and doubt, allow your mind to do it’s job.”

While others wrestle with their doubting mind and struggle to maintain certainty, the pro artist and committed entrepreneur silence the chattering beast by getting lost in the work at hand; creating awesome music, writing & directing inspiring films, inventing remarkable products, and providing exceptional services that benefit everyone. Always ready to embrace the uncertainty of their next offering, pro A&E’s are forever willing to work as independents and live as free-spirited outliers, who are totally “out of their mind!”

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